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The Flowing Pen

What In Your World, Week One

Hello everyone! I didn't think it would work well to make a daily blog post for each prompt, so I'm going to make a weekly one instead! I'm a little behind, but not by much. Here goes!

The name of my world is Orrion, and it was created by The Creator at the beginning of time. He made all things through his imagination and his magic, and to wizards he gave imagination and magic, to his spirit helpers he gave his magic, and to humans he gave his imagination. Countries commonly referred to or visited in Orrion are Erot, Salda and Airthi.

Orrion has very differing geography. Erot is primarily woodlands, with a few hills, and a coastline. Salda is very similar to Erot, as it borders Erot, but it has more mountains, and a much smaller coastline. Airthi is far across the globe. It also has a coast, but I'm currently unsure of the rest of the geography in Airthi.

Unique plants to Orrion, particularly Erot is a plant known as Willoweeden. Willoweeden is an herb that causes infertility in both men and women. These effects are irreversible. Willoweeden can be eaten in a salad, made into a tea using fresh leaves, and retains potency even after being dried. The smoke has no effect on someone who inhales it.

I am currently unaware of any unique animals in Orrion, but I keep hearing a whisper of something called a "luff" so I will need to explore that at a later date. Luffs sound very interesting.

Orrion has nearly all of the same gems and metals found on our earth, but also has a strain of copper that is permanently tinged green, and is called river copper. It's used to make a certain coin in Erot also known as a river copper.

When it comes to natural perils, there isn't really anything to look out for that couldn't be found in the wilderness of our world.

Well, that's all for week one!

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