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The Flowing Pen

What in Your World: Religion

Welcome to the final week of #whatinyourworld! The world we live in has religion. In fact, our world has thousands of religions! So why shouldn't the worlds we write have religion? This entire week has been exploring religion and how it works in your world.

Religion is extremely important, depending on where you are. Most people have some sort of religion that they follow. The truest religion is Followers. Followers follow The Creator and do his will. While other gods and goddesses ARE real, they are all subject to the power of The Creator. They cannot do anything without him, because he created them as well.

Many religions on Orrion are polytheistic, with those who worship the seasons, the elements, and even unknown spirits.

The holy books tend to either be given through visions, the deity giving the holy book to the followers, or on occasion the followers or founders writing the holy words themselves.

Followers tend to set up orphanages and schools, and worship The Creator through songs and sharing of The Divine Tome. I haven't explored many other religions in depth other than Followers, but I do know there are a few other religions where sacrifices (including child sacrifices) are common.

An interesting thing about Spirit Worshippers: There are no set rules on how to best follow/worship the spirits. It's primarily listening to the spirits around you, and your instincts, and living based on that. More of a way of living, rather than what one would consider a religion with rituals, I think.

Followers believe that when you die, you are either taken to live with The Creator, or tormented, based on how your life was lived. Spirit Worshippers have multiple views. They are either reincarnated as another person/creature, become mist, or become a spirit like those they have been following. Elemental worshippers believe that when a person dies, they become part of their element (their burial rituals also center around what element the person worshipped while alive).

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