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The Flowing Pen

What in Your World: Magic

I can't believe it's already been an entire week of #whatinyourworld! This week's focus has been magic. I write fantasy, as do most (if not all) of the people participating in #whatinyourworld, and it's difficult to have fantasy without magic. This week we focused on where the magic came from, if magic is good or evil, and even more.

Magic exists in Orrion, on every continent and in every country. It came from The Creator, who made Orrion with his magic and imagination. He gave some of his creations access to his magic, though a weaker, tamer, version of it, and that is why there are wizards on Orrion who have magic.

The magic of The Creator can do anything. It can bring planets from nothing, bring mud to life, create talking, reasoning beings. With The Creator's magic, people can be brought back to life, and made from nothing. However, if you are not The Creator, or he has not given you full power of his magic for a miraculous reason, your magic is limited.

You cannot make something from nothing, nor can you bring dead back to life. I think there was one other thing, but I can't remember it off the top of my head.

Only wizards hold magic (save in a special occasion when The Creator may share his magic with a human for a miraculous event), and they are born with it. Their magic flows through their blood and is in their DNA. It's just the way they were made.

Unfortunately there are many parts of Orrion where wizards are mistreated, due to wizards who have misused their powers for evil. It is an understandable fear, but many of the actions done by the fearful are inexcusable.

However The Great Islands are the origin land of all living creatures, and that is where most of the wizards of the world live in peace, isolated from the rest of the world. There, magic is a normal part of life, because everyone there is a wizard, and no one fears magic.

The only "levels" of magical ability in Orrion are based solely on purity of wizard blood. The more wizard blood in your veins, the more magical ability. The more human blood in your veins, less magical ability.

In short...magic is everywhere in Orrion!

Join me next week for CULTURE.

-Katie H.

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