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The Flowing Pen

What in Your World: Inhabitants

Welcome to week two of #whatinyourworld! I'm having a blast sharing about Orrion on my social media, and reading the responses of my fellow authors.

Week two is all about the inhabitants of our worlds. What world doesn't have inhabitants? Earth does and so does Orrion.

There are two main sentient species in Orrion. Wizards and humans. The defining difference between wizards and humans is that wizards have an inborn magic, and humans have no magic. Any other humanoid creatures, like mermaids, centaurs, fauns, etc., either do not exist, or are more like basic animals.

However, both wizards and humans are extremely diverse. The only real difference between humans and wizards is the magic, but when it comes to skin, eyes, hair, and cultures, they are extremely diverse, just like on Earth!

Although there isn't much interaction between different peoples because of travel and communication barriers (it's more of a medieval setting than a modern one), when there is interaction, it depends on the person rather than being a blanket statement of interaction. Interactions can be positive or negative.

People who live in Erot live in wooden houses, but I've not visited enough of other countries in Orrion to know what kind of houses different people live in. However, when I picture Airthi, their houses tend to be stone or clay and more square. They have few windows, so are very dark inside.

In Orrion people tend to travel by boat, foot, or any way they can travel with a horse. Again, this is a medieval type setting, so modern ways of travel are not currently possible. Wizards on The Great Islands may use magical ways to travel, but I've yet to visit these islands to find out.

Food is such a hard question for me! Available foods would be fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, milk and meat, and fish.

I can't wait for week three!

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