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The Flowing Pen

What Fiction has Taught Me

Hello to all my friends and fans!

Lately I've had my love of fantasy called into question. No one questioned if I loved fantasy, because it's quite obvious that I do. But the people questioning me wondered if it was healthy, or even good for me to "lose" myself in a fantasy world. I was told that I should read stories about "real" people.

I feel like when they said for me to read stories about real people, they did not mean that I should read biographies and autobiographies all the time. If I understood correctly, they simply meant that I should read books that take place here, in this world, because if you read fantasy all the time, the lines become blurred and you don't know what is real or not. So, here's a summary what I've learned from the various genres I've read...oddly enough, some of the genres that would be considered "good" have taught me the least about life. I'll be making a full length blog post for each of these as well.

Christian Fiction: For the most part (disregarding a few authors), Christian fantasy has taught me that if you just pray and do as God asks, everything will be great. On earth.

Romance (Christian and secular): The perfect one is out there for you. You may be a struggling single mother, or a lonely college student, or a governess, but as soon as the right man walks in, you'll hate him at first, then fall in love with him. If you're lucky, he'll have a short temper, and a tragic past that you get the joy of helping him overcome.

Historical Fiction: There was a lot of laughing, even though people kept dying. Also, Princess Anastasia had a secret lover.

Sci-Fi: The world is coming to an end, because when the government gets total power, people who should never have any power step in to take control, and, oddly enough, make things miserable for the common man...which is why government should not have so much control.

Mystery: The murderer/thief/criminal always gets caught. Often by children. There are little to no casualties. Whew!

Realistic Fiction: I was extremely sheltered. High school students smoke and drink, and have sex, and do all sorts of things, and it's completely normal. Drugs, abuse, recovery, etc.

Fantasy: Everyone has a purpose, even if you can't see it right away. Different isn't always bad. People are capable of more than they think they are. Little girls can pick up horses and carry them (shout out to Pippi Longstockings, my fellow redheaded role model!!!).

Please don't take this that I'm dissing any specific genre. There are a few I left out because I don't read them, or have read so few that I can't draw a reasonable conclusion from the few I've read. I didn't say anything about the following genres, for the following reason:

Supernatural: I've read maybe two or three series that would fall under this category.

Horror: My anxiety is bad enough as it is, I do not need to be afraid of birds and clowns, and yoyos.

Erotica: I do not believe that erotic content is appropriate, especially not for Christians, which I am. If you are my friend and you read erotica, I'm not going to disown you, or hate you, but I don't think it's an appropriate thing to read.

Nonfiction: Because this is about what I've learned in fiction, not nonfiction, though I've read a chunk of nonfiction as well.

Whatever else I forgot: Because I don't read it, I guess.

Honestly, I read what I relate to, and I often find that fantasy and sci-fi authors write characters I can relate to. It helps that the stories are fascinating as well! This will be expounded upon in my next several posts, concerning what I've learned in more depth, and a few books in those genres that I enjoy.

See you soon!

-Katie H.

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