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The Flowing Pen

The Journey to a Website

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Hello everyone!

So much has been happening lately. I've got a summer job working with children (which is my favorite type of job besides writing), and, as of today, I have my own domain name!

Whenever you have any type of business endeavor, it is recommended to get your own website. Often when you get your own website, people think it looks tacky if you don't have your own domain name. When you're struggling a bit financially, sometimes getting your own website and domain name seems challenging, so I wanted to share you the story of my journey to my own website.

This journey actually began when I was around thirteen or fourteen. This was way before even The Unnamed Legend had been published. I was bound and determined that I was going to publish my own book and I was going to work hard and make things work. I've always been very determined.

I didn't even have my own computer at the time, so I sat at the library learning how I could build my own website. I made a new email address, one that I decided I would use ONLY for book related things. Then I found Wix.

I picked colors I liked, and dragged and dropped this and dragged and dropped that, and finally I had what I thought was a pretty good website.

Spoiler alert:

It was not a good website. It was very amateurish. I've since deleted that website, and even the Wix account, so I can't show you, but believe me, it was terrible. I went crazy with the stickers! I remember everything was very teal, and there were butterflies everywhere. It looked like a child had made it. Honestly, a child had made it.

Then soon after making it, I kind of...forgot about it. I moved on to writing my books and stories, I began building a following on Facebook, and I forgot about it.

I continued to ignore this website and the need for a website for several years. I didn't need a website, I had Facebook! Well...there's a problem with that.

Not everyone has Facebook.

Sometime late in the year 2017, I learned about a thing called Google Sites. Google has everything. Websites, forms, word processor, spreadsheet. And they have websites. I used it for a personal project then, but in January 2018, I started setting up my own Google Site.

That one is actually still up, and I can't lie, I do like how it looks. But I haven't been able to find where it allows me to make my own domain. It won't let me put a blog right there on the page. And it won't let me put a contact form right there on the page. I have to embed them from somewhere else.

I had to wait until June 15, 2018 (payday) to buy my own domain name. It cost me twelve dollars to ensure that is mine. No one else can take it. But I could only use it to forward to my Google Sites website. So when you typed it in, once you arrived, you would still see the obnoxious up at the top.

So I begrudgingly got back on Wix. I'd had difficulty with their templates before. None of them, not even the author templates, fit the aesthetic I liked. So, I opened up an entirely blank website, and pieced together my website. It took me an entire day, where I worked almost the entire day. I'm still working out the kinks. But it's mine.

Look up at the web bar. What do you see? Does it say anything about Google? Or does it just have my name, with author after it? If things are working the way they're supposed to, all you can see is my name with author after it.

I am a bit worn out. Today has been a rather busy day. But it's worth it to say that I have my own website, with my own domain name.

-Katie H.

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