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The Flowing Pen

King's Warrior Review

Alright guys! So, awhile back I received a FREE book! I LOVE free books! Scratch that, I love books period. There was one stipulation however. I had to read the book (that's what a book is for, duh), then write a review on it (just a side note, reviews almost ALWAYS make authors happy, unless you're unnecessarily cruel). is said review.

King's Warrior, by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt.

The blurb found on Amazon.

The book starts off with an ancient king, speaking with an even more ancient king (the dragon king, to be exact). The human king is begging for aid against the enemy, and the dragon responds by gifting him with a blade made from his own scale, and a promise to fight by his side if his country is ever in such dire need again. come the spoilers: The kingdom is in dire need once more. As you can tell, if you've read the blurb, the Princess herself is sent on a quest to find the long lost king's warrior.

It's amazing. The entire book. Honestly, it took me a bit to get into it, but that's most likely due to the stress of life, and lack of time to set aside for reading purposes. When I was finally able to just sit down and read, I finished in about two days, with breaks.

I couldn't stop screaming at the end of the book! I thought I had something figured out, but then no, Jenelle took it one step further. I thought I knew what was happening, then it wasn't. I'm sure my neighbors could hear me as I screamed things like, "No!" and "WHAT?!" It was that good of a book.

So, if we're doing stars, let me just tell you: King's Warrior receives a six out of five stars from me!

-Katie H.

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