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The Flowing Pen

September Updates

Hello everyone! Seeing as it's nearly the end of August, I thought I would give a few updates for my plans this September.

What in Your World: What in your world ends the last day of August! What?! I just started it! I'm debating doing it again next year around this time, with all new world building questions, possibly even new categories. If you have any suggestions, send 'em my way!

52 Stories in 52 Weeks: Oh dear. I've fallen behind in my stories, but I am catching up. I fell behind due to everything happening in the month of August. I had VBS, I had camp, and then my summer job was wrapping up, and it was just too much! I left camp, went home, and did everything I could to avoid leaving my home for the next several days.

But, aside from that, I know I've mentioned that I plan to publish my 52 Stories in 52 Weeks stories in a book. That is still the plan! Something important to note about my short stories: I read through them once, maybe twice, after I write them. I'm going to be working on editing the stories I already have written, finding beta readers, and then the fun part: Finding some artists!

I am more than willing to pay for artwork. I want an original art piece for each short story (I know, that's a lot to ask). So, as soon as I get myself together, I will be putting out feelers for artists who may be willing to contribute in exchange for promotion, and a small payment. I would love to pay $100 to every artist, but I myself am a struggling writer, and I just can't afford it. I'm still mulling it over in my mind, trying to figure out how much I can afford to pay for each art piece. I will update everyone on payment at a later date.

This Website: I plan to be making some renovations to this site during the month of September! Some changes to look for:

•Possibly moving the blog about, or otherwise putting the latest news update on the front page

•The books from The Unnamed Chronicles will no longer have individual drop down pages like they do now. There will be one page for The Unnamed Chronicles, and it will have excerpts, trailers, reviews, and other content from The Unnamed Chronicles in one page.

•There will be a new drop down page off of the "Books" icon, which will lead to a page dedicated to the new series I'm working on.

My Life: I have my own house now! I'm working toward moving in, and that may take some time, so if I am slow responding to emails, comments, or messages, please forgive me.

Also, if you haven't bought The Division yet, go do that! It came out August 20th, and I'm super excited about it!

To buy your own copy, follow these links:

Kindle Edition

Print Edition

Thank you guys so much for all of your support.

-Katie H.

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