The Unnamed Chronicles

The Unnamed Legend

Once there was a land called Airmity, which was home to two brave princesses. Though they were sisters, and as close as could be, they would soon be separated. One princess met two runaways, and the other was forced to marry her father's knight. Soon, an old battle breaks out anew, with the four new friends and their families caught in the middle. A single dagger could be the key to end it all.

Sword of a Princess

Return to the world of The Unnamed Legend in this exciting sequel! Gobarts have returned with a new master, throwing both Gloris and Airmity into terrible danger. Markus is now the king, and he is unsure how to protect his homeland. However, help comes in the form of a mysterious girl from a far off country.

The Division

When King Oliver of Lorkee dies, his children are left behind to mourn him.  However, things have been made complicated.  Rather than leaving the crown to the firstborn male, he has instructed his children to choose together who is best suited to rule.  As the children, who have always been close, strive to follow their father’s instructions, they find that there is a darker plan at work than they could have ever imagined.

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